Current Projects:

ASU Sundance Short Documentary

The ASU Film and Media Studies (FMS) program selects a handful of students every year to volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival. This year, the FMS department wanted to catalog the experience, so I, along with a recent ASU graduate Jessica Obert, went with the group of FMS students and filmed their Sundance experience. 



I'm currently working as the producer and co-editor on a short documentary, I Like MYS.ELF. The film is being co-directed by Jacqueline Harriet and Jessica Obert. I LIKE MYS.ELF follows Shari Elf and her life in Joshua Tree, California. 

Past Projects:

Through Grand Eyes

I had the opportunity to work on a 26-minute long documentary with two other students (Jessica Obert and Hayley Campbell) during my fall semester at ASU. 

I worked as the producer for the documentary, but also helped with the videography, editing and storyline of the film. The documentary is technically completed, but we're currently working to cut the documentary down to make it shorter.


Photo Slide Show

Below is a fun short story slide show that I created for an assignment in my Advanced Online Media class.