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I'm the girl with the red wagon on the lot. No, but really, I am. 


Clear Channel Media + Entertainment

I handled the social media for Phoenix Cooks!, an event put on by Clear Channel to raise money for Banner Children’s.

Phoenix Cooks! occurs in late August. Since I interned from January-May, my job was to simply promote Phoenix Cooks! and remind people that Phoenix Cooks! is indeed still alive. I couldn’t get into specifics about who would be participating, as that was all still coming together during my internship.

The social media platforms I was in charge of for Phoenix Cooks! were its Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

To help manage the Facebook and Twitter posts, I started a Hootsuite account for Clear channel. I also moved to unlink the Facebook and Twitter pages. A business’ Twitter page should be unique from its Facebook page. Twitter posts should not just be links to what the business wrote on Facebook. Each social media platform has its own voice.

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