I worked as a member of the Sedona International Film Festival's social media team during the festival's run (so the last week of February) for three years.

The first year that I helped, 2013, was the first year the festival enlisted ASU's help with social media. There were ASU students and Holly Vandevoorde, an ASU senior, acted as the main leader. We were mostly on our own to decide how to best promote content. I had just started learning how to shoot and edit video so I thought it would be a good idea to create a YouTube channel for the festival and take video of various filmmakers who attended. Other things we did to show the story of the festival via social media included taking photos, pulling interesting quotes from filmmakers and posting videos/ content related to festival happenings. 

Since ASU's involvement in the festival had been such a success in 2013, we were asked to come back in 2014. The other three students I had worked alongside of had all graduated by this tike so I came back with a new team. Knowing how things worked, in my second year, we cleaned up SIFF's social media presence. We had access to DSLR cameras and could assign people to specific tasks that allowed us to do so much more. We even created an Instagram account for the festival in the second year. 


In 2015, ASU was again asked to come back, but we were to collaborate with one student from NAU. I was made the official leader of the social media team. Again, students from the prior year had graduated so I was working with new a string of new people. No matter, everyone took to their roles quickly and we were able to further SIFF's professional social media presence with pictures of festival happenings, live tweeting and multiple videos.