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I created and executed a social media plan for Noerr Program's social media channels. My key focus was on BeMerrySanta's Facebook Page. I helped brainstorm new content that could be posted and helped post content that was of the same vein of years prior.

This was a great learning experience because we found that some of my ideas, like getting into "Throwback Thursday" didn't take off as well. This made me realize how important it is to stay true to an organization's voice and that not every fad on social media needs to be followed. We also experimented with the idea of utilizing Instagram for the promotion of Noerr, but found that our key audience wasn't utilizing Instagram as we had hoped. 

Beyond social media, I also helped with media relations for Noerr Programs. I helped journalists who were looking to conduct interviews with Noerr's Mall Santas get connected with those Santas. Sometimes, I'd be asked to screen the Santas questions I'd received from the journalists. This was to ensure that the various Mall Santas were always answering in the true spirt of Santa. I logged all stories that ran for Noerr in order to keep track of media hits.