At the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona (NKF AZ) I helped plan 2013's Tucson Walk. 


My main job for the event was creating first silent auction ever held at the Tucson Kidney Walk. This required me to call Tucson businesses for in-kind donations that we could turn into prizes that walkers could bid on. I helped decide what would make good prize packages. For example, we had in-kind donations of movie tickets and gift certificates to restaurants so I made a "date-night" themed prize package. I also helped create the design materials that gave details of each basket.

I also created the 2013 walker package. I took details from the prior year's packet and added new content that I thought walkers should be informed of. Here are images of the packet I created:

Other duties I took on included calling walkers of the 2012 walk to get them excited and signed up for the 2013 walk. I edited various website material and social media posts. And I did even the smaller tasks like cutting up invitations and stuffing envelopes.