My main job at the League of Arizona Cities and Towns was to help assist with work relating to the League of Arizona Cities and Town's (LACT) initiative AZ Cities @ Work

For AZ Cities @ Work, I created blog posts, social media posts and helped write and edit content for their magazine. I also found out what events were happening within each city that we could add to our "city events" section on the AZ Cities @ Work website.

I helped plan for LACT's annual conference as well as the City Manager Conference. For both events, I helped edit bios of various speakers and prepare them in excel documents so they could be loaded in the app the League created for the conference. I edited agendas, script and overall conference content. At the conferences, I managed the City Managers and the League's social media channels. I live tweeted conference happenings and sent out photos to Twitter and Facebook during the events.

A big task I took on for the League Conference was helping to handle the youth program at the event. I helped in the creation of a scavenger hunt that took the program's youth, which consisted of about 30 high school students, across various points of interest in downtown Phoenix. I helped decide what places we would send these teams, the clues the teams would be given and how the teams would prove they had been to each destination. We ended up running the whole scavenger hunt through LACT's Instagram, as a way to gain more Instagram followers. Every time a team found a destination point, they were to take a group selfie and tag @azcities.


I helped in the creation of a Twitter contest that we ran through AZ Cities @ Work. I helped create the design of the image we sent out over AZ Cities @ Work social media channels and helped in the managing of the overall contest. 

Here is a look at a sample Tweet we sent during the contest: