At iHeartMedia*, I helped plan for station specific programs and series, managed social media and created copy for promotions. 

The programs I helped work on included 99.9 KEZ's Woman of the Year, 99.9 KEZ's Excellence in Education and 102.5 KNIX's Teacher of the Week. For these programs, I would read through submissions and picked my top favorites of the month/week that would then be handed over to the specific radio personality in charge of the event. The radio personality would pick the overall winner. Once the winner was picked, I created their prize packages which included a series of certificates.

I also helped with the banquets that were held in April/May celebrating these women and teachers. For the banquets, we sent out an email invitations and I was then asked to follow up with those who had yet to RSVP via phone. I helped create name tags for all those involved and created and edited copy that the radio personalities read during the event. I was on-site of each event, ready to help out with anything that was needed of me.

Other duties I took on during my internship with iHeartMedia included updating iHeartMedia Phoenix's site information regularly, which required me to be able to navigate html well in WordPress. I gathered air checks from specific events so we knew that all promotions of businesses were accounted for and could be sent out. And I also handled the social media accounts for Beth McDonald and Phoenix Cooks!

*iHeartMedia was still "Clear Channel" when I worked for them.