I want a lot of things in life. Like figuring out how to level up to 36 hour days and dating someone who is a surgeon just so when he inevitably breaks it off with me, we can have a break up that goes something like this:

Me: You broke my heart.

Him: I'm sorry.

Me: This is one heart this week you won't be able to fix.

Him: Actually it was a rough week. We had like four hearts in the ER this week that we couldn't fix.

Me: Oh.

Him: Ya, well goodbye! 

Something like that. Trust me it would be a lot more moodier and dramatic, but you get the appeal right? Anyway, I want a lot for my life. While I most recently worked as an Associate Client Services Representative with Disney Digital Studio Services, I really want to be a jack of all trades.

Although I want to have a lot of plates spinning, I'm most passionate about television writing. I would love to work in a comedy series writers' room. I'm avidly seeking writing assistant and television production assistant jobs. I'm also interested in learning more about development and programing. 

I always have a new project under my sleeve. I'm currently trying to better my graphic design skills and learn things like Jittery type. (I still have not mastered this skill, I will update once this has been conquered.) I even have a side project website that I hope to turn into something bigger. You can take a look at it here: http://late-bloomers.squarespace.com/ 

I studied at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. There I learned to write creatively, shoot/edit/produce video and I've come to know the importance of staying up-to-date with entertainment news, media and technology. Through ASU's Film & Media Studies program, I learned about the media industry business and how to write and provide coverage for scripts. 

The eight different internships I held during my college career tested my skills in a variety of areas including publicity, event planning, production and social media. 

I'm always looking for people to collaborate and share ideas (or fears!) with. So, for any inquiries (or honestly if you just want to send me hate mail that's welcome, too) please email me at burnton.gretchen@gmail.com. 

Please enjoy learning more about me as you navigate through my website!